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No matter what kind of events happen, there will be branding. Here, logos, products, and all manner of company insignia will litter the areas where events take place – as everyone fights for the attention of potential customers.

Branding, obviously, always matters – but at events that are aligned to your company’s interest, there is no better time to draw the attention of investors and customers.

Obviously the nature of the event is everything: is it an opening for one of your stores, a conference, a merger, and so on. Priorities shift depending, thus we need to cater to the kind of event it is.

For example, if the event is the opening of a store, you have complete freedom to promote yourself as much as you like. Further, this doesn’t need to be in your face as much as it first appears.

As Pandaform notes: “Because your company’s name will be associated with the event when you host, you can promote your business and market to your audience without overtly selling.”

This means less potential irritation, while getting increased attention.

You obtain this result through smart forms of advertising. For example, putting your logo on signs and placards, having your brand’s colours and name – all of this is a display of your company to potential customers.

If you’re at an event like an expo or tradeshow, you particularly need to stand out – even more so than on home territory where you can control the location itself. Since everyone will be competing for that most lucrative of resources – attention – you need to consider alternative forms of branding and promotion. Key rings are convenient and elegant forms of advertisement: customers can always use the functionality of it as a tool, while your brand is on display wherever they take their keys.

Here at Assignment 3, we recognise the importance of such shows and offer specific event branding:  consider banners (roll-up banners, pull-up banner stands, spider banners and dolphin banners etc.), event posters, tradeshow displays and bunting flags. These items are specifically designed to enhance your presence, in a space where others are competiting for the same resource of attention.

Everything is about capturing attention. This is the essence of good marketing and branding; attention means knowledge of your business’ existence, mission, and so on. That could then lead to actual use of your business and, thus, profit.

No matter where you are, then, whether opening a new store or at an expo, good branding is essential.

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